When we started Porch Fly towards the end of 2012, we knew there was something special happening in Raleigh. It just felt like the perfect canvas to bring our idea to life. Everyone was and continues to be unwavering in their commitment to supporting locally owned businesses. Almost three years later, we couldn’t have been more right. We’re so lucky to be a part of such an inspiring and talented community of creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners hustling everyday to improve the quality of life in Raleigh.

Recently, we released our Hustle Hard As Oak tee, which celebrates these special individuals dedication to the growth and improvement of our community. Throughout this summer, we’ll be sitting down with the faces of some of our favorite local spots and talking with them about what its like to hustle hard to make an impact in Raleigh.

We decided to kick the series off with one of our favorite places to eat in the Triangle. We recently sat down with Tyler Helikson owner of Happy & Hale, a healthy, quick, and affordable restaurant in downtown Raleigh. We love H&H because they make it easy to eat healthy. You can pop in, grab a juice, smoothie, egg bowl (until 11am), or a salad and be back on your way in just minutes. The food is fresh, tastes great, and you feel better eating it. You can order online and they even deliver by bicycle within a 1-mile footprint of City Plaza. Everywhere could use a Happy & Hale.

Tyler and Matt Whitley started H&H in an effort to simply provide their community with fuel and space for big ideas. Tyler tells me, “Our biggest goal is keep people at their best so they can accomplish their best. Clean eating is central to that goal”. For Tyler, one of the most rewarding parts of being a small business owner is the connection to his community and empowering as many local farmers as possible. Most of H&H’s ingredients are local or from within North Carolina. While seasonality and demand force H&H to widen the footprint for certain ingredients, they are always looking for creative ways to source closer to the doorstep. They have recently begun a program with Passage Home providing compost from H&H to grow herbs that get used in the H&H daily menu. Tyler, Matt, and their employees will go out weekly to teach the children about the full food circle and the importance of composting and growing their own food.

Tyler and Matt have big plans for the future and see a huge opportunity to further promote healthy lifestyles around the Triangle. Tyler admits there is room to grow and make an impact from an educational standpoint, and hopes to achieve that through a variety of community events and awareness campaigns. In the mean time, they’re going to keep us well fed and healthy so we can continue to hustle.

Learn more about Happy & Hale as well as Tyler’s favorite small businesses in the area below


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