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    The Porch — baseball

    New embroidered Logo Hats are here!

    New embroidered Logo Hats are here!

    We're so excited and proud to introduce our first collection of PF hats! This has been a long time coming, but with the release of our new logo and winter right around the corner, we couldn't wait any longer. Each hat is embroidered with our 2" logo and covered in the interior for maximum comfort and fit. 

    It's impossible to find the perfect hat for everyone, so we're offering four classic styles with many more to come! 

    The Classic 6-Panel Snapback: Made from acrylic wool, this black on black structured snapback comes with an adjustable strap and green bottom bill. Classic, timeless style. 

    Floral Brim 6-Panel Snapback: Made from acrylic wool, this black structured snapback comes with an adjustable strap and beautiful floral bill and button. A perfect amount of pop for a casual lid. This hat will deliver you comfortably into spring.

    Classic Dad Hat: Made from 100% distressed cotton twill, this vintage light navy unstructured cap comes with a brass buckle adjustable strap. Perfect for anyone, especially dad.

    Winter Beanie: We would be remiss to release a collection of hats in late fall without protecting our ears! Made from butter soft acrylic wool, this 11 inch grey beanie is the perfect length. Long enough to protect your ears, and short enough to not require rolling. Stay warm and stylish.

    Pick up your new favorite hat here!

    Legends Never Die - "The Jet"

    Legends Never Die -

    Often we get asked, “How did you think of this idea, design, or product? Our answer is always the same. We are inspired by what we see every day. An amazing sign, a cool quote, a classic movie and/or anything in between.

    That’s one of the reasons we decided to start a series of blog post to share the inspirations for and the stories behind some of our different designs and products. Now, grab a bourbon and listen close because there’s something you need to know, there's heroes and there's legends. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.

    With The 4th of July having just passed, we decided to kick things off with our design Legends Never Die - "The Jet". If you don’t understand why this is relevant, do yourself a favor and go watch “The Sandlot.” If you don’t have time for that, then just watch this clip:


    “The Sandlot” is the true definition of what it means to be a kid during the summer! It's a time for new friends, adventures, and getting into trouble, not too much but some. We wanted to create a shirt to honor those memories and one that would bring to mind the excitement of summer anytime it was worn.

    Made with an ultra-light polycotton material, this is the best feeling shirt you’ll ever wear. We offer Legends Never Die - "The Jet" in Men’s Tees size XS-XXL