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    The Porch — hoodies

    Porch Fly Emblem

    Porch Fly Emblem


    When Bryant and I started Porch Fly in 2012, it was important that our logo represent the "Porch Life" ideology we wanted to convey. Our hope was to create a character that would immediately connect with our audience through a feeling of confidence, wisdom, and wit. We worked with the immensely talented George Hage, who helped bring our vision to life.


    Porch Fly Clothing Logo (Original)

    We loved the character we created with George, but that didn't mean there was an immediate inclination to blast it all over Porch Fly products. We honestly didn't expect people to want to wear a huge fly on their shirt. We figured it would serve as just a cool representation of our brand. But as the company grew, so did the positive feedback for the logo. We started with stickers and little business cards, and soon customers starting asking us to print up shirts. Fast forward to 2017 and the logo has ended up on every product line we've created.

    However, that same amazing detail that brought the character to life, killed it's ability to be presented in certain mediums. How could people see the detail of the fly if it was 1/2 an inch wide on a sleeve tag? How could we stitch that detail? Bryant and I had always talked about creating a secondary logo, sort-of a short hand version, so we decided to go finally make it a priority.

    We decided the three most important qualities were: Clean, Simple, Recognizable 

    Here's where we started. Don't laugh! Sometimes you just have to get the bad ideas out of the way...

     After some discussion with our friends and repeated sketches (including a bunch of terrible ideas), we finally had a quick stroke of "genius" that led us in the right direction. An hour or two later, after all the tweaks, additions, and deletions, we came up with something we're really proud of!

    Clean, simple, and recognizable. You can now find this stitched on hats and hoodies as well as printed on t-shirts. Click on the buy button below to pick up a tee or visit our lifestyle section to check our our stitched hat collection.


    Thanks for stopping by the porch!


    Porch Fly Clothing is now available at GOING LOCAL NC!

    Live in N Raleigh? We've got you covered! We're happy to welcome Going Local NC into the Porch Fly retailer family! You can now find tees, hoodies, long sleeve shirts, and baby onesies at Going Local NC. The store is filled with amazing wares from NC artisans from all over the state. 

    Most importantly, this was our first chance to create a unique permanent in-store display for Porch Fly!



    Check them out on FB at or visit them at 10940 Raven Ridge Rd / Falls River Town Center Raleigh, North Carolina 27614


    Thanks for stopping by the porch!



    Fall is here!

    Our first release of Porch Fly Clothing Hoodies and Long Sleeves are now available! Stay tuned - we'll be releasing more in the coming weeks!

    Oh yeah, we almost forgot. Our "Baby" City of Raleigh Flag and "Baby" Raleigh Drinking Team onesies are now available for purchase from the website!